Eco-Panels: The Top Self-Insulated Building Products On The Market Today.

200 Year Old Stud Home Framing Vs Building With Eco-Panels.


Some could probably kick down this stud framing. It is not only weak, but time consuming to build and also allows lots of energy to escape.


Eco-Panels are much stronger and easy to assemble walls that are made to order. They are self-insulated and extremely energy efficient.

Stud framing is finally becoming obsolete in part due to Eco-Panels. Get with the times and build with Eco-Panels. They are cost effective, stronger, faster to assemble and much more energy efficient. Contractors that have insisted on building with stud frame construction will eventually be using Eco-Panels. 

EcoPanels Are Up To 15x More Airtight Than Stick Frame Construction. Thermal Imaging Proves It.


Yellow and red areas indicate large amounts energy escaping from weak and old fashioned stick framed construction.


Dark blue areas indicate energy being kept in using Eco-Panels which are even more efficient than the new widows.

When you combine all of the small air leaks in an average home, it's the equivalent of having a window open 24 hrs a day. Don’t assume a house is energy efficient because it’s new, expensive or beautiful. Curb appeal has nothing to do with how it was built. Eco-Panels are tight air leaks.

Eco-Panels: Standard Walls Or Any Shape And Size You Need.


Flat Panel

90° Corner

135° Corner

Window Panel

Door Panel


Choose from standard self insulated interlocking wall panels or have them fabricated to almost any custom shape or size you need. 

Build Faster And Stronger With EcoPanels

Continuous Insulation


Eco-Panels combine framing and flame retardant insulation in one stronger, safer and faster to build with panel.

Easier & Faster Installation


Eco-Panel's inter-locking assembly system allows builders to align, secure and move on to the next panel quickly.

If you’re a home buyer, you want to know that your hard earned money is going to something that is constructed the best it can be. If you’re a builder, you want to protect your reputation by providing a product that you can be proud of. Insisting on building with Eco-Panels will ensure that both parties are very satisfied with the finished results.

This And Many Other Homes Feature Our Insulated Building Panels


This home built by Anderson McNair Contracting was built with Eco-Panels. Eco-Panels has been acknowledged by building scientists working for the U.S. Department of Energy as having the most advanced structural insulated panel system on the market today. 

What They're Saying About Eco-Panels Prefab Construction Walls.

Anderson McNair 

“I’m not sure why builders in this area are still stud framing homes."

Donald Cerra - Aiken, SC

“My framing crew was very pleased with how fast and easy the panels went up.”

GM Asheville, NC

“I am so impressed with Eco-Panels that I specify them on every job we do.”

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